Kruger National Park
Londolozi Varty Camp

In the centre of the Londolozi concession burns a fire in the very spot where the Varty forefathers set up their tents 80 years ago. This fire has been lit every night on the same spot through generations and embodies the significance of this camp and the continuity of the Varty family’s custodianship.

All of the air conditioned 8 chalets and 2 suites have private plunge pools and elevated timber decks. The focal point of each luxurious bathroom is a magnificent view of the lush green riverine vegetation. The essence of relaxation is to gaze from your bath over uninterrupted views.

Londolozi’s rich history is preserved and recorded in the original camp built in 1926. Four rondavels, which date back to the original Sparta Hunting Camp, are a special feature. Each have been set dressed to reflect a time gone by, this museum is a tribute to the early Bushveld Pioneers, a well-stocked wine cellar and an library (with Internet access) also have a home at Varty camp but it is Varty Camps main deck offering awe-inspiring views of the Sand River that captures the true essence of Africa.

This emphasis on family heritage means that children have always had a place at Londolozi. In a world hardly imaginable today the first youngsters to visit the Bushveld farm were expected to do their bit; to walk alongside the wagons on the long and slow journey, help collect water and firewood and hold lanterns for their fathers as they chased off prowling lions. These were the “rights of passage”, signifying maturity gained and therefore eagerly anticipated.

Varty family Camp offers a return to the original Bushveld experience, to fun and adventure.

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