Kruger National Park - Destination Information - Private Game Reserves - Timbavati Game Reserve


The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve comprises 534 square kilometres of the Greater Kruger Park. The Timbavati Association, has, since 1962, been dedicated to conservation by maintaining the biodiversity of species endemic to the area. At present, there are over 40 mammal species in the Timbavati including the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant), as well as some 360 bird species.

The terrain is undulating with altitudes varying between 300 and 500 metres above sea level. The area is characterised as 'Savanna Bushveld' with 6 different landscape types: acacia woodland, open woodland, Mopane woodland, Combretum woodland, mixed Combretum woodland and mixed veldt. Elephant, buffalo, kudu, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, impala, waterbuck and warthog abound together with their attendant predator species which include lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena.

The critically endangered African wild dog is also a regular visitor to the Timbavati Reserve. Plans are in place to have the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve proclaimed part of the Kruger National Park which will secure its future as a valuable piece of South African heritage.